Property Management Services

Japanese real estate was the first to suffer from the effects of the whimsical economy of the past years, the result being that nowadays, simply owning property and passively waiting for guaranteed returns has become impracticable, even risky. Many real estate owners have been confronting a plethora of property management headaches as:

Clover Associates offers comprehensive and problem-tailored solutions to all property owners facing such woes, maximizing rental yield.

Tenant Finding

Clover Associates’ professional sales team has been using its thorough market investigating skills and original sales approach to create stable and dynamic business networks among both foreign and Japanese business communities. We are using these networks, along with success validated information channels, for finding ideal owner-tenant matches and speedily fill in vacancies.

Market Research

Clover Associates has a clear understanding of the real-estate market based on experience, intelligent interpretation of the newest information, and highly trusted market survey methods.

Asset Management

Clover Associates can handle all asset management related tasks on an agency basis. From issuing payment invoices to collecting payment and making all the necessary maintenance arrangements, we have qualified staff to handle the entire volume of work involved in the management of our clients’ assets.

General Property Management

Also on an agency basis, Clover Associates can supervise property and tenant management, intervening whenever irregularities appear and using its expertise to reduce costs and adjust flawed operational procedures.

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